Gospel From Arau Open ’09: Debate Adjudication Is The New Kind Of Toxic …

Posted on June 9, 2009


… And Sarfaraz is it’s newest victim (hahahaha).

How many people – hands up – has been to Arau Open? It was my very first time to the much celebrated event. I thought the tournament would be boring and having me there as the chief adjudicator (CA) would make the tournament bread-bin ugly. Instead, Arau Open 2009 was ridiculously exciting.

I am the CA. There’s something deeply and gooily satisfying about that. It’s a hysterical debate-type position, this. Mad. Bonkers. Stupid. I sit on the chair, like how George Bush would sit at the White House. Of course, having me there is utterly pointless. No one is going to go to a debate tournament because I am the CA for outright sheer debate brilliance but, let us not dwell on such things. Let us instead rejoice at the fact that the position exists. It’s crap. But it’s brilliant too. I don’t want to be one. But I don’t want to live in a world where I could never again be invited to be the CA in the first place.

It felt like I had the capacity to break a person’s leg or give him or her a new nose. That I am qualified to tell you that you’re silly (even when you’re not) and design your next haircut. I was even thinking that I might have some letters after my name as well.

I’m not suggesting that CAs have a God-given right to function as recklessly as we like. I’m not suggesting we all tear through each and every rounds of debates, pissing on the debaters and running them down with crappy adjudication. I am not another Bush. But I am suggesting that when you’re CA, it is important to get over the toxic fame as quickly as possible – it’s mental.

I would imagine that with such enormous responsibilities under the belt it would be impossible to find time to take a leak. Nope. The herculean obligations is sent quietly and with no fuss to each member of the adjudication and tab core – Azrul, Trinna and Fairuz. And they seamlessly worked on it like hungry, horny monsters. I figured I must be blessed to work with such enthusiastic and passionate bunch of people.

And then …

I went back with a beautiful lady. Had a busy day back at the office and only now, found the time to quickly write a short and sweet piece about the Arau Open 2009. You might be thinking, if you were an adjudicator or debater at the Arau Open, that this article must be useless — and you may have a point since it turns out to be something from me — but you are missing the point (hehehehe).

Results (English category only):

Motion – THW abolish the death penalty
Champions – IIUM 2
Runner-up – UTMARA 1
Grand Final’s Best Speaker – Quayser (UTMARA 1)