Ethics And Curtness

Posted on June 1, 2009


It is good to be ethical and curt but it is certainly not easy to most people. This is due to the fact that ethics and curtness are mostly culture related and hence differ oftentimes from place to place and situation to situation.

Nonetheless, there are general guides to ethics and curtness that you may follow that may lead people into viewing you as curt and ethical. This section is made for university parliamentary debaters that may also be generalized to other people.

1. Listen and look like listening to people by jotting down something.

2. Smile a bit more so that people especially judges will have a more favorable view on you.

3. Clearly understand that you do not have to be cocky to be smart.

4. Talk nicely to judges even if in your opinion they are crappy as you may meet them again in the next round.

5. Learn as much as possbible what are the tules to debate ethics and curtness according to the judges in the room or tournament not from a freind watching TV at home.

6. Remember the key importance to having the right ethics and curtness will be high marks on manner which will definitely have some bearings on your matter.

7. Do not judge abook by its cover. Bo Hoo! We do this all the time and so will the judges no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are.

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