Eagles And Manner

Posted on May 19, 2009


An eagle would always fly majestically even in not a so majestic situation. It could be trying to escape a storm but the posture would remain, poised and ready, sometimes seemingly oblivious to danger.

And thus the similarity starts with manner and its link to context. The eagle’s brain has never been dignosed, scanned or basically checked in any way. Therefore, we do not really know whether it was just the poise that was shown to be magnificent but inside, it may just be as fearful as other birds facing the mighty wind and thunder. Will we ever know? Well, only God knows.

What we can do is follow Vulcan logic. They, the eagles, magnificent though they mayhaps, should still be afraid but would not yield tactical strength to their enemy who could just by chance be sensing that this great hunter is also afraid. Perhaps, an eagle is able to fly close to the storm but not close enough to be sucked in but as a result to any eyes from afar, “Wow! what a great creature”

Lesson one:

Arrange the right context : the storm

Execute the right manner: looking cool flying over the storm

People might think that you’re an EAGLE.

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