Of Manner And Biases

Posted on May 12, 2009


I like Manchester United (MU). I have been a follower since the Bryan Robson and Paul Ince era, almost 20 odd years. Thus, whatever they do would almost always be okay. In my eyes, knees, kidneys and nostrils, everyone’s out to get them and I mean everyone. Here’s a list of possibles and probables MU haters who are evil and under priveliged.

1. Liverpool fans

2. Terrorists

3. All fans of other football clubs

4. Politicians in Perak

5. Anyone I do not like

Thus whatever these group of people would do or say are categorically wrong or at least plain old wrong or at least inferior. Why is this happening to me? I am Bias. I am and so are all of us and that is why manner is so so important plus the right contextual evidence in any discussion, presentation or debate. The trick to get people who are bias against us to be on our side is through pre-planned and pre-prepared bias mannerism.

1. For a Liverpool fan (a fantastic example), to get free coffee from an MU supporter, tell them in a convincing manner that you wish Ferguson is Liverpool’s manager (it will help if you are not wearing a Liverpool T-shirt at the time).

2. For a Perak politician, look calm (smile, offer handshake, bring small tokens, even food is okay) be in the mood to discuss (look at your kids, favourite car, listen to favourite song) then go to meet your opponents. Chances are, there will be a discusion not a fracas. Even wear, ‘We love Perak’ T-Shirt.

3. For debaters, choose a tone that is not intimidating or humiliating to the other debaters and adjudicators. ‘I am your friend and am helping you out tone’ would help and would usually score a point with adjudicators and audience.

If you set the right tone in your head, you will have the right manner and with the right manner, people would believe i your matter. Because, if you have the right manner,people would think so to as they are your audience, audience who can only see what you show and lsiten to what you say, what’s inside is invincible to them.

P/S – Do not smile and look calm if you are up aginst a mugger. They will not be kind to their own mothers.