Yunus’ Ten Great Malaysian Debaters

Posted on May 8, 2009


How do you measure greatness? Debating is an activity awashed with statistics – thats what the pioneers of AUDC would like you to believe, but even they cannot provide the complete measure of the greatness.

The true greats carry charisma, inspire awe in their rivals and challenge the parameters of debates. They are skilful, clever, able to work in a team and they need one more quality that is absent from most other debaters: sheer, brute bravery. The Malaysian debate circuit, certainly in a decade gone by, is a dangerous place and many of the names who do not appear in this list were victims of the names who are.

All in all, it is a fascinating roll call, a list ripe for debate and a celebration to a decade of one of the most exciting and demanding sports, if not activities in the world.

In no particular order:

Faisal ‘Mac’ Moideen (UTMARA) 

The result is epic. You put yourself to listen to his orgasmic speech, and seven minutes later, you’re walking out with more than an erection – a whole different set of value systems.

Praba Ganesan (UKM, DLSU)

If you want a fast liar, get a politician. If you want a convincing liar, get a lawyer. If you want a perfect liar, you simply have to get Praba.

Chern ‘Bill’ Hsing (MMU)

The best thing about this debater is how he makes you feel after his speech. He makes you feel like a tragic shaved monkey kicked through rehab.

Kamalan Jeevaratnam (UPM)

The greatest and fastest debating product to come out of from UPM. Kamalan doesn’t speak when he debates. He explodes. 

Nadia Zainuddin (IIU)

I won’t beat about the bush on this one. Out of nowhere, Nadia Zainuddin is my favourite debater.

Saiful Amin (UPM)

Here, a man wrapped up in layers of fat and muscles, I find everything that made me fall in love with debating in the first place.

Suresh ‘Tubby’ Gnasegarah (MMU)

There is one very good reason for Suresh to be in the list: the way he looks. And there’s another very good reason: the way he sounds.

Chandran Somasudram (UM)

A debater that has left behind any fun and funny associations. He’s serious to the core and he does look like he means business.

Mediha Mahmood (IIU)

Like fancying Victoria Beckham, you can’t really own up to beating Mediha. But she has obvious attractions.

I haven’t decided the tenth person yet. But if you readers have any suggestion, or being the cock-faced debater you are, wants to nominate yourself, please leave your comments below.