Auckland Australs 2010 Bid: Chris Bishop Is Looking For Deputies

Posted on April 22, 2009


The University of Auckland Debating Society is pleased to open the selection process for Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCAs) for our Australs 2010 bid.

We intend to follow previous practice and select an Adjudication Core that reflects the diverse debating cultures of the many countries that make up the Austral-Asian debating community. To do that, we need your help.

Applications for DCA positions are now being accepted, and will be open until midnight on Wednesday May 15.

If you are interested in becoming a DCA, please download and complete an application form, or alternatively email the prospective CA, Christopher Bishop, at If there are any questions about the form, please get in touch with Chris.

On Thursday May 16, a list of the applicants will be circulated via the Australs, All-Asians and AUDC mailing lists for feedback.

At this point people should feel free to email the CA with their feedback on any or all of the candidates. All communication will be treated in the strictest confidence, and all feedback provided by the Austral-Asian community will be considered.

DCAs for the Auckland bid will be announced in advance of Monash Australs, most likely in the week leading into the tournament.

Please note that we have no fixed views on how many DCAs should be appointed, although consistent with previous years we think 2-3 is about the right number.

Kind regards,

Glenn Riddell
Bid Convener

Christopher Bishop
Bid Chief Adjudicator