Well, It’s Your Funeral: Things We Do Not Want To Hear Our Politicians Saying

Posted on April 17, 2009


Below are ten lines (in no particular order) that would send me the creeps. If you have any more, leave it in the comment section. I hope this would turn into a noteworthy guide for people in politics one day: 

  1. “Oh my God, oh my God, first it was a Mongolian beauty … and now it’s this?”
  2. “This is your MP speaking, I’m out at the moment, so do leave a message after the beep.”
  3. “Hey there Elizabeth, I did you a favor by chasing away the peeping Tom in your garden … the bugger was on my patch!”
  4. “After just 3 days in office, an incredible discovery … Anwar doesn’t fancy bottoms!”
  5. “Don’t make the mistake I made … not all people welcome nudity.”
  6. “We have no forensic evidence, no witness, no nothing. I guess we just have to pin it on the Indian guy.”
  7. “Why are we speaking English?”
  8. “Fellow Malaysians, here’s the strategy facing the global economic crisis … we sit it out until the end of the crisis.”
  9. “Mr. Anwar, I believe you ‘poked’ me on Facebook.”
  10. “Fellow Malaysians, despite being 82, you will be delighted to know that I have found the means to be able to serve our beloved country for a long time … I am glad to share, that I have found a way to be immortal!”
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