Of Divine Intervention

Posted on April 17, 2009


The CEO of Malaysia Airlines stated loudly that life cannot run away from divine intervention(DI). True and agreed to by many. It is just that some people stretch and squirrel the divine intervention part too much for anyone’s liking.

How does DI work:

1. You have a clear profitable objective(s) that has been tested and proven by trends and studies.

2. You have a plan.

3. You have action plans with clear vision on the characteristics of the people needed to implement the actions successfully.

4. You implement the actions … and if they fail, THEN YOU CAN CLAIM IT WAS DI.

Other than that, it is ususally due to the absence of planning or even simple laziness. For debaters on a losing streak, who cannot even convince starving Africans to eat free food, stop whining like you’ve been kicked in the nuts and have a good look at the list above before blaming on the judges.

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