Of All-Asians

Posted on April 13, 2009


I was there at the first All-Asians in NTU Singapore. It was amazing we even got there. Lack of funding, no proper address, famous first speaker who decided to skip the event, well all the usual negativities (according to Sir Elton) came on the day we got to Singapore.

Well we got there, me, Daniel and Teh Chee Seng. We had only one plan, pray hard to be the proposition all the time as that was my specialty. I could squirrel a motion that would make Plato himself proud. My second speaker has no understanding of matter what so ever, he was and still is I fancy, the perrenial manner man. Chee Seng, well he was sort of the unholy glue, relentless, repeating all that was worth repeating through wonderful repackaging of our not so strong points combined with the opponents’ rebuttals. It went quite well till we got to the octo-finals. Somehow or rather, we were the opposition and as our plan did not cover that particular issue, we were floored through a double squirrel from our namesis.

Fun, it was that first All-Asians. Soon, it may not be around anymore, thanks to idiots who just do not appreciate history. It has been around for 13 years, countless heroes like Peejay Garcia, Prabha Ganesan, Taufik well but to name a few that came through this wonderful tourney. Suddenly, some morons are playing the fool with this long history of fun debating and a sure fire friend making place. Idiots and morons. Am I angry, YES I AM.

Not easy to have a worthy idea,
Not easy to build a plan to see the idea become whole,
Not easy to see the idea become great,
Not easy to get people to believe,
Not easy to break down either,
Break it down all you doomsayers,
Tomorrow I will build it back with this bare hands with debaters who love debating and friend making,
It will not take much as the most crucial piece is already there, someone thought of the idea,
Let us not forget the person’s contribution to Asian debating and let us not waste the time spent by Omar Sallahudin writing the constitution,
Let us not kill, let us build, together.