I’m Lost. Of All People, Why Entrust Yunus With A DCA-ship At Arau Open?

Posted on April 10, 2009


I sometimes go through the whole two weeks not needing to clean my underwear due to the amount of underwear-blowing shock I simply receive just from living in this world. Do you ever get that? It’s like those times when you lie on your back, drunk in a field, and you shiver, suddenly, as the Earth becomes a sphere beneath you, and the stars seem not above but straight ahead. I had it just the other day, but differently. I was in my office, confused with the sight of a choclate rabbit and an egg on my desk. I was like, what the hell is a rabbit doing with an egg? Is this some pagan joke just to screw my head? What’s suppose to come out from these eggs? More rabbits? I was lost. 

And as if as though these crazed pagan narratives are not enough, I suddenly get an invite to be the DCA of the upcoming Arau Open. But why? I’ve never been to the tournament before in my whole life. In fact, I’ve never even dreamt of going there. And this has nothing to do with debates whatsoever. The people there are hospital and they work hard to make you feel comfortable and at home. What I can’t stand about the Arau Open is the fact that it’s in Arau. The place is way up north and blessed with such intense sunlight and heat. People don’t get tanned in Arau, they get browned.

But to forget about the Sahara-type intensities, Arau is just a foot-step away from Thailand. You know what i’m saying?  


Dear debaters:

We are proud to announce that the registration for the Arau Open Debating Championship 2009 is already open. This year it will be open to international institutions. So all of you are welcome to take part in this tournament.

For your kind information this tournament is divided into 2 category (Malay and English). So you are most welcome to send teams for both categories.

Here are some details about the tournament:

Team Cap: 60 teams (limited to 3 teams for each institution)
Date: 25th May 2009 – 30th May 2009
Place : UiTM Perlis
Debate Style : Australs (n=1)

*Registration of more than 3 teams for an institution will be considered.

Registration Fees:

1)For UiTM – RM 200.00 per debater/adjudicator
– RM 150.00 per observer/officer

2)For Non-UiTM – RM250.00 per debater/adjudicator
– RM180.00 per observer/officer

3)International Participants – USD 80 per debater/adjudicator
– USD 50 per observer/officer

*food and accommodation are provided.

With this i will attach the invitation letter for AO 09 for further details.

Any inquiry or further information, please contact:

Sabrina@Sab- 0194494453
or e-mail to us at arau_open09@yahoo.com

Thank you and hope to see you guys 🙂


Vice Project Manager,
Arau Open 2009.