Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Posted on April 6, 2009


It is disheartening when I heard about the big bonus pay off for AIG’s top execs. It will take a great line up of debaters to be able to defend that line.

This era of slumps and lumps, we should go back to the French Revolutionary era and revisit an old but extremely suitable concept in this current climate. We are all guilty until proven innocent or rather people in certain climates or involved in certain issues should be seen as part of the environment till they are viewed as heroes, saviour,etc. This undoubetedly should include the AIG execs who should prove their worth before taking the bonus, Obama who should see the economy climb a bit more before being paraded as a saviour in Europe and also Najib Razak who should really have a couple of dozen weeks excluding honeymoons, to rectify the money politics, Malay issues, etc.

Let us get the prososal to show result first before crediting anyone with anything. It is at times so useless to ask those who cannot comprehend the concept of numbers to count.

Simply put, bright ideas do not equal result. Get us some result first o’ great execs and leaders of the world or forever would you be the bane of the debaters who in a debate have to be the side that defend your unproven but highly rewarded proposal.

Litany o litany of boredom and unfathomable frustations.

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