EWU Vice Chancellor: Save The Asian Tournament, Ditch The Chief Adjudicator And Convenor

Posted on April 3, 2009


Dear Friends,

After the Site Visit, the Exco got in touch with the EWU Vice Chancellor to follow-up on certain promises and commitments made by the EWU orgcomm. Regrettably, we have just recently been informed by the EWU Vice Chancellor that he was not aware of some of the promises made by the EWU Orgcomm to the AUDC Union, both during the bid presentation as well as during the site visit.

He has since informed us that having reviewed these promises, as well as EWU’s current finances, they will only be able to provide the following:

1. Registration Waiver as well as complimentary hotel accommodation for the CA, 4 DCAs as well as the Tab Director.

2. Security for the hotel and all venues, as these will be provided by the government.

They will no longer be able to give full adj subsidy, nor will they be able to fund airfare for the adj core. The adj core will have to come at their own expense.

The EWU VC is also requesting for an extension of a month and a half or two months to allow the school to get more sponsorships. We have explained to the VC that this will make it difficult for teams to attend because of schedule concerns, and he has just assured us yesterday that they will be able to host the tournament on the original dates if 60 teams will be registered by April 15.

Because of recent events, the EWU Vice Chancellor also insists that the CA and the Convener be replaced. The EWU Administration will choose a new Convener, while the AUDC Union can simply promote one of the existing DCAs to the CA-position.

Given these developments, the Union has three foreseeable options, all with its own pros and cons:

(Option 1)

We retain EWU as hosts and push for the tournament to be held on the original dates. — For this to happen, we will need to work together to have 60 teams registered and paid by April 15. This will be advantageous for those who have already bought plane tickets for Dhaka on the said dates, and for those who would have trouble attending a tournament if it is not held in May.

(Option 2)

We give EWU a month and a half or two months extension to adequately prepare for a tournament and get more sponsorships. There is no assurance, however, that an additional two months will result in full adj subsidies being reinstated. This has the advantage of a potentially smoother-running tournament that will still be held in Dhaka.

(Option 3)

We move on to the next ratified host, College of St. Benilde in Manila, Philippines. The exco has spoken to them and they are willing and able to host the tournament, but would most likely be able to host it only by September 2009, during school break. We will of course ask EWU to refund all registration fees paid/wired if the Union decides on this option; but we may not be as successful in requesting a refund from airline companies for those who have already bought their tickets. Of course, all promises with regards to a separate unity session and a DCA from the All Asians will still be upheld by the exco.

I know none of the options above are optimal–I am sure everyone would rather have the tournament as originally promised and planned. Unfortunately, according to the EWU VC, this is no longer possible, so we have to pull together as a united Asian Debating Community and decide how we can best resolve this situation.

To this end, we would like to request the help of the President of the All Asian Debate Community, Jason Jarvis, to kindly facilitate the voting process for his constituents.

The exco, on the other hand, will be asking the national representatives to help us get union reps’ votes regarding which option to take. We need to reach a decision soon to allow our chosen host to continue their preparations. The EWU Vice Chancellor will be expecting an update from the exco with regards to our choice by Sunday morning, to know if they should proceed with organizing. We understand that meeting this deadline may not be possible, but we hope to get your cooperation in expediting this voting process as this is a decision that will affect us all.

Much thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation and understanding. Should anyone have constructive comments or other suggestions for how we can best resolve this, we would be glad to hear from you.


Estelle Osorio
Chair, AUDC Exco