Winning And Having Fun

Posted on March 30, 2009


I have been debating and playing rugby all my adult life. At 38, I’m sure that the second option will not be with me that much longer. Nonetheless, with 6 previous fractures, two torn ligaments and stitiches (luckily covered by still black hair) all over, I’m still playing and I still want to play. The eagerness of waiting for a game, the willingness to break speed limit to drive to a game after an outstation stint, the sheer wanting to play or watching my mates play is vehemently undeniable.

I do believe, in terms of accolades, even my Phd reserch is on debates, skills and ability, debate would be the better choice for me. Sadly, it just does not have the feel of fun these days. There would not be that many friends or fans who would gasp at a hard tackle and wishing loudly that your are okay. The last two debate tourneys I went to however, I got to see a lot of smugs and punks who participated. Blokes who could not say two nice words to their opposition without trying to inject their supposed intelligence superiority over everyone. Arrogance is the name of the game. Yes being arrogant is a posture that you can employ but usually it is only for those big cans who are loud but have no substance inside.

Ladies and gents, if you’re good, you’re good. There is no point having this air of hollier than thou surrounding you. That is why I loath to go to debate events nowadays except for some select few. That is also the reason why I would rather train school students than college or university ones adhering to Malone/Sean Connery in ‘The Untouchables’ that if the apples in the barrel are rotten, then we should go the the trees.

That is also why I would rather play agains brute men who named their team Dogs of the Royal Selangor Club but saluted your team at the end for giving them a good game (we lost 4-2). they realized that a good game is more fun and it will also help them raise their game.