A Return Trip To Monash Australs ’09 – For RM1,000

Posted on March 20, 2009


For someone who is effected by the current slow economy and rides a lawn mower, this excellent news welcomes a much needed relief. I am officially witholding myself from making any fun comments on Australia. Good job lads and keep those wonderful news coming!

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Dear all,

1) Waitlist opens tomorrow

An online form for places on a waitlist for Monash Australs will be opened on our website tomorrow (Friday) at 12 noon EST (Melbourne time.) This is for universities that have not yet pre-registered any teams or adjudicators.

See our previous post or website for more details.

http://www.monashaustrals. com (Note: If the page does not appear to have been updated with the link when you open our website, hit the refresh key on your browser.)

2) AirAsia X deal confirmed!

As part of our accessibility strategy, Monash Australs Sponsorship team is proud to announce that we have confirmed a deal with Air Asia X to sponsor Asian debaters attending Monash Australs 2009 by providing up to 160 flights from KL-Melbourne for RM 1,000 (~$400 AUD) return!

Due to the size of the offer, Air Asia has asked us to coordinate the allocation of flights across a number of different dates, with a maximum of 40 delegates per flight.

We are looking at being able to offer flights to participants on the following dates:

On the way to Melbourne:
– Departing KL at 13.40 25th June, arriving Melbourne at 23.30 25th June (ADAM starts 26th June 5 pm)
– Departing KL at 23.00 28th June, arriving Melbourne at 08.00 29th June (Pre-Australs 29th June morning)
– Departing KL at 13.40 1st July, arriving Melbourne at 23.30 1st July
– Departing KL at 13.40 2nd July, arriving Melbourne at 23.30 2nd July

On the way home:
– Departing Melbourne at 00.45 10th July, arriving KL at 07.00 10 July
– Departing Melbourne at 00.45 11th July, arriving KL at 07.00 11 July
– Departing Melbourne at 00.45 11 July, arriving KL at 07.00 12 July
– Departing Melbourne at 10.05 12 July, arriving KL at 16.20 12 July

We will announce full details of how the process will work on Monday, but we wanted to share the good news with you!

Should you require further information, please send your enquiries to monash.australs.flight@gmail.com with subject: ENQUIRIES

Sponsorship Officer
Monash Australs 2009