Announcement: School Debate Workshop Moves To April

Posted on March 18, 2009


What is this phenomenon that has fueled today’s school children to run in throngs and participate in activities like debate? Is brainy the new sexy now?

“I use to play chess for the state of Kedah”. It’s was a difficult thing to admit or say when I was in school and heck, it still requires every fibre of courage in my body just to write that one sentence. Being seen as a chess-geek was never cool. Believe me, with the amount of teasing and bullying I got in school, I can say with sure fire certainty that being a chess-geek is no way cool. In fact, putting the word ‘chess’ and ‘cool’ in the same sentence sounds blasphemous.

So what went wrong? Maybe brainy-type activities like debate embodies a person that would one day have the capacity to dislocate themself from reality; maybe it filters criticisms and allows only the warming, gentle ray of adulation to shine on the turbulence of their magnificence – whatever that means!

The thing is, the school debate workshop has received so much interest that it worries me – where have all the bullies gone? Teachers have been requesting that the workshop be moved on a school weekend rather than during the school break as there would be more particpants that these schools could send. More? How could I anticipate such interest? So now I have a problem – but this is how it shall be resolved:

The WUPID School Debate Workshop shall be rescheduled to the 11 and 12 of April 2009 (Saturday and Sunday) at the same location: Sekolah Menengah Alam Shah, Putrajaya. More info can be found at

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