Gombak Open Debate (GOD): Report And Result

Posted on March 17, 2009


Assalamualaikum, May Peace Be Upon All, and Hullo!

Recently, over the weekend of the 14th and 15th of March 2009, the International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM) hosted the GOMBAK OPEN DEBATE or GOD. (Gombak being the place the university is situated).

On behalf of the IIU English Debating Club, I would like to share a bit on what the tournament is about as well as the results.

What the tournament is about (aside from debating):

GOD was a Mixed-Uni-Team event. Each team comprised of debaters from different universities. It was held in BP format.

The purpose of this rule was to cultivate unity and promote friendship amongst the debaters. Some of us have been friends for a long time while others are still new to the debating circuit. This tournament allowed the debaters to take their friendship to a new level and begin new ones– and of course to pick at their partners minds for some debating knowledge (and tactics)!

GOD made the debaters work together instead of compete against each other as they usually would. They had to cooperate and share to win the prizes GOD had to offer.

In the end, a champion was crowned by GOD. Nevertheless, GOD ensured that the other terms had gained some knowledge, had some fun, and most importantly, allowed the tightening of inter-university debater friendship.

And now, the Results:

Champions: Team Anarchist
Shaq (UT Mara) and Shabbir (IIU)

Runners Up: Puteri Dua Bersubang Gading (Second Princess with the Ivory Earings)
Hafiedz (UT Mara) and Danial (IIU)

3rd Place: Kelab Penyokong Latif (Latif Supporters Club)
Yunus (H&G Strategic Communications and of WUPID fame) and Syafiq (UT Mara)

4th Place: Team Muafakaters
Ips (MMU) and Meor (IIU)

Finals Best Speaker: Syafiq (UT MARA)

Top Speakers:
1. Ips (MMU)
2. Shaq (UT MARA)
Danial (IIU)
4. Maketab (UT MARA)
5. Shabbir (IIU)
6. Meor (IIU)
Yunus (affiliation mentioned above- really long)
8. Hafiedz (UT MARA)
9. Manisha (MMUM)
10. Syafiq (UT MARA)


Round 1: THBT Governments That Govern Least, Govern Best

Round 2: THBT Marriage is for Life

Round 3: THBT The Man With The Size 8 Is A Hero

Round 4: THW Abolish Statutory Rape Laws

Semi-Finals: THW Defend the Right of First Strike

Finals: THBT Sex is Art

We would like to thank all the participants and those involved in the hosting of the tournament. We hope to host it again next year- bigger and better.


IIUM English Debating Club